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In the Zone

New CD by Bill Head and the HeadBand

No, I’m not stuttering.  That is the title of a CD with creative ties to Running in the Zone: A Handbook for Seasoned Athletes and this blog.  Exactly how, you ask?  Well, Steve King, co-editor of Running in the Zone, is a member of the HeadBand and contributes on drums, vocals and what he calls narration.  He collaborated on writing of about half the original pieces, as the lyricist.  Bill Head (and now you see the cleverness factor in the name of the band) is the musical genius, sometimes not only writing the songs, but performing all instrumental parts.  Now that is something I would like to see, live on stage.  I guess he would really have to put his experience as a runner to good use!  Yes, Bill is also a seasoned athlete, too.

Before going on further, I should say that if you want to know a bit more about In the Zone and the HeadBand, just follow the embedded link, but don’t get lost over there at Steve’s site and forget to come back.  I’ve got more to say on the subject. 

Part of the inspiration for this project came as far back as when we were writing Running in the Zone (the book).  As I wrote the last line, I realized that after our first meeting at Steve’s place he took my down to see his new drum set.  He had returned from a band practice just before my arrival for our meeting.  Yep, the very same band!  At the end of the book’s Introduction, you will find a poem written by Steve, entitled “Running in the Zone”.  It is that poem that largely became the lyrics for the song of the same name on this new CD.  Want a preview of that, including a Video treatment?  Then follow the link to Youtube, where you can listen and watch.  Yet another runner, Dirk Handke,  provided the photo montage.  Dirk, who is an awesome photographer is often found prowling about the Interior Road Running races, many trail running events and just about anywhere out in the hills of the Okanagan.  Seems like Dirk  loves running and cycling and takes his camera wherever he goes.  See if you can spot Steve King among the photo snippets of all those people ‘running in the zone’!

What follows is a bit of an aside, but this all reminds me of how multi-faceted most ‘seasoned athletes’ actually are.  It also reminds me how often we become buddies with fellow runners, even running, training and racing with them, forming close bonds and yet not really knowing much about them otherwise.  How often do we go to some event and almost not recognize a fellow runner “with his clothes on”?  No, it isn’t what it sounds like (well unless you are into the Bare Buns kind of running and then maybe it could be just what it sounds like).  What it really means is, in regular street clothes rather than shorts or tights or tech shirts.  But, if we don’t know what our friends look like when not being runners, how often do we also lack a perspective of what they do in the non-running rest of their lives?

Here we have three different people in Bill, Steve and Dirk, all runners, but also musicians, photographers, writers and that doesn’t even begin to touch on their “day jobs”.  I could include myself in the list, because I encounter a lot of people through training clinics where I sometimes lead pace groups or organize the actual clinic, and I can tell you that most of those people only know me as the Leader or Clinic Coordinator.  I am actually having some fun these days as some of my running friends see me performing in a TV commercial, and almost all saying, “Did I see you in a commercial for big screen TV’s?”.  Yep, it was me.  And, that isn’t my day job, either!

Steve King, Race Announcer

Steve King at Scotiabank Half Marathon June 2011

Steve is probably best known as a race announcer and sport commentator these days (although he can claim some pretty fine running accomplishments as well), but none of that is related to his day job.

The last running clinic I took part in, I found out there was a student (or two), an accountant, a ‘head hunter’, a Crown prosecutor and a retired architect to mention only a few.  If you want some fun, the next time you are with a running group where you aren’t all close personal friends, see if you can find out what at least a couple of them do when they aren’t “Running in the Zone”.

And, while you are “Running in the Zone” you may just want to add that inspirational tune to your play-list.  It should keep you bouncing!  So, if you haven’t already, why not head on over to Steve’s site and look into this CD “IN THE ZONE”?