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Charlie is there for his Dad!

One of the great advantages of having your own blog site is getting to write about whatever you like!  So, I’m going to do that right NOW.

This blog is mostly about and for ‘Seasoned Athletes’. I am by definition, a Seasoned Athlete. Steve King, co-editor of Running in the Zone (the book) is also a Seasoned Athlete. By my definition at least, my daughter is also a Seasoned Athlete – OK,  OK, almost – ALMOST a Seasoned Athlete. The person who is most responsible for this post is anything but a Seasoned Athlete. In fact, he is a brand new recruit. He is Charlie, my grandson. Charlie is six, but he will be seven next week, so I guess this is a kind of birthday gift that he can keep until he really is a Seasoned Athlete! If someone actually prints this off and puts it away, it will be interesting for Charlie to get it out sometime when he does qualify as ‘Seasoned’ and see how it stacks up with whatever may have happened in the time between.

OK, so what is this really all about?

Kids of Steel Finish - July 20, 2013

First, the obvious Three Zones of the title refers to the three generations of Charlie, his parents and his granddad. This was a big weekend. Charlie did his very first triathlon – the Kids of Steel event which is part of the Peach

Grandad - Summerfast 10K - July 20, 2013 - Photo by Keith Dunn

Classic Triathlon (Penticton).  And, his Dad, Greg Krysa, did the sprint distance triathlon (far from his first). His Mom, Danielle, made the fabulous (she is an artist and graphic designer) signs for these races, but she is both a runner (a goodly number done with me and her sister, and a triathlete). Oh yes, and she designed the appearance of the Running in the Zone book cover AND this blog site. Finally, there is me and this weekend I ran a 10K in Vancouver (Summerfast 10K put on by VFAC).

Now, before I get to the comments of a proud grampa, I must tie in one other person, Steve King. Only half jokingly, because anything to do with triathlon and Penticton will almost surely involve Steve, I asked if Steve had announced the Kids of Steel event.  Sure enough, he had! So, not only has Charlie followed in his parents footsteps, in his very first event, he got to enjoy the Steve King celebrity treatment!  Talk about full circle for all of us.

Steve King - Co-Editor Running in the Zone

I have no intention of talking about Charlie’s performance. That surely is not what it is about at this stage (no, that doesn’t mean he was last, nor was he first). Did he have fun? Well, that is the only ‘performance’ of any importance at this stage, and the photographs I have seen pretty much say he did. Will this be his last triathlon? I’m kind of thinking not. With Mom and Dad both involved in running and particularly triathlon and him having been out to cheer on both of them, his Auntie Janna and me, for longer than he could possibly remember, I would think this stuff will be totally in his blood. I look ahead to the day when I can personally take the experience to the stage where I can run with Charlie in an event like maybe a 3K or 5K – maybe in another 2-3 years. I have run with all three of our kids at one point or another from when they were teens through to our “Half Challenge” (when I ran a half marathon with each when she or he was half my age), so it only seems logical to take that to the next level if at all possible. All I ask is that when we do get to run together, Charlie take a little pity on the old guy.

And now Charlie is the Star!

I am just so proud and thrilled to see him do this and enjoy being part of what we all enjoy. The one thing I want to say right now to Charlie is:  Just keep having fun.

If someday you turn out to be really, really good at triathlon or swimming or biking or running, that will be great and we will all be there cheering, including your Nanna who is THE cow-bell queen and head family cheer person for all of us. If it turns out that you are never better than any of the rest of us, always remember it is for the fun and satisfaction you get and it is always for yourself that you are doing this, or any other sport you may choose.

We are all so proud to see you take on the challenge and have so much fun with it.  Congratulations Charlie!  Well done!



Sorry, couldn’t resist the title. When the real subject is Jog for the Bog (Burn’s Bog, that is) I had to go with the title.

In all seriousness, you will be glad you decided to give it a try at 5K or 10K, walking or running. It is hard to imagine that anyone in Vancouver has no concept of Burn’s Bog, as an extensive natural area just to the south of Vancouver. But, if you’re not from around here, or even if you are and just want to know more, if you go to the “about” section at the Burn’s Bog web site you can learn extensively about the natural benefits to the region and better understand why this fund-raising event, the Jog for the Bog, is a good one to support.

The date of this year’s event is July 28 with day of race registration for 8:00am, warm-up at 8:45am and the start at 9:00am. There is an early-bird registration date of July 14. The 5K entry fee prior to that date is $30 with the 10K at $40; and after it will be $35 and $45 respectively. For another $5 you can get yourself a ‘wicked’ T-shirt, but be quick about that, as supplies are limited.  You can run, jog, even walk (5K), as you may prefer.

The "Jog" part.

The advantage of walking in this situation is that you will probably see a lot more.  But, if you are one of those folk that just loves to run and really wants a time, well this is a chip timed event and you will get a result to add to your personal stats. If you are really fast and win your event Male and Female Overall, there will be a prize. But, even if you aren’t that fast, there will be lots of draw prizes!

Now, this being a fund raising effort, they even have a deal for you. If you can raise more than $100 in donations your entry fee will be waived. There are some guidelines as to how this works, with dates etc, so it is best you go to the website to get the final details and a pledge form. An entry/pledge form can be found at this link. If you prefer you can also use the on-line registration facility

Then the fun begins!

When you finish running or walking, you will find yourself at something resembling a country fair with music, entertainment, vendors, displays and lots of refreshments, even a pancake feast to replenish you after the run – starting at 10:00 am. July 28 is International Bog Day and the general festivities kick off at 10:30 am, continuing until 3:00pm. It is a family affair, and there will be tours of the bog as well as all the other fun.