As most readers know, this blog sprang from the book: Running in the Zone: A Handbook for Seasoned Athletes. Most readers also know that down to the right of the blog page is a link to Trafford Publishing, where it is possible to go purchase one of those old-fashioned hold it in your hand, turn the pages things called A BOOK. Some of you have even done that! We thank you.

More and more often though, I have been asked, “But can’t I get Running in the Zone as an E-Book?”. Well, until just a short while ago, the answer was “No”. I am pleased to say the answer has just become “YES”, and I must add, at quite a bargain, especially when you have to include the various shipping and handling charges for the paper version – and then wait for it to arrive.

So, if you had thought about buying a copy of this book with its 26 outstanding contributors including well known writers and runners such as Bart Yasso, Joe Henderson, Lynn Kanuka,  Roger Robinson, Don Kardong, Rich Benyo, Diane Palmason, Steve King and so, so many more, now is your chance. We covered topics from the how-to of it (Bart), through the long-term magic (Diane) and even the history, both ancient and recent (Roger). Once at the Trafford Publishing site, you can ‘wander around’ through some bits and pieces of preview material before you have to pull your digital trigger on a purchase. Almost like going into a book store and thumbing through a few pages of the paper model. And, if you are the kind of person who just doesn’t think it is a book unless it has paper, and covers and pages, well that option is available at the very same place. The choice is yours.

We are excited to see this option available and hope some of you will be too. One of the great things about the RITZ book is that it is really 26 relatively short and readable pieces by 26 different and authoritative contributors. Everyone was asked to stay to around 2500 to 3000 words, which is kind of what guides most of my blog posts. I’ve tried to stay true to the book format. So, if you like the idea of something with a bit more meat on its bones than the average modern blog piece and yet very consumable in a short time, please do go see what the e-version of Running in the Zone: A Handbook for Seasoned Athletes, looks like. We’ll be glad you did!

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