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Reggae Marathon, Half Marathon and 10KWell, I went to the Reggae Marathon registration site. I entered my name and other useful and vital information. I clicked on MARATHON. Then I clicked on PAY. I think that means I just registered for the Reggae Marathon. Oh yeah, I also printed out a bunch of receipts and confirmations. They all seem to say the same thing – I am registered to run a marathon in Negril, Jamaica on December 3, 2011.
In Jamaica, as I recall, the answer to a great many questions tends to be, “Soon come.” Now, that is the scary part of what I apparently just did. The literal translation of “soon come” is kind of “eventually”. In this case, the answer to the question “when IS the Reggae Marathon?” being “soon come” is just kinda scary because the SOON part is too true!
I have a plan. Not to worry. Don’t worry, be happy!
The real debate was Half? Full?? As I see it you get twice as much fun and reggae music if you do the Full. Maybe you have to wait longer for the Red Stripe, but how much cooler and sweeter it will taste. You see, I have run a tropical marathon before (Maui) and I lived and ran regularly in Malaysia. I have no intention of being silly, unless you think the WHOLE THING is silly, that is. My plan in Maui was to run the first half almost like I meant it.
Finish of Maui Marathon

Last 100m Maui Marathon - 2008

Then, when the sun came up, to ratchet right back to a very slow and easy pace. It seems like that should work very nicely for Jamaica. Nothing to prove, except for the doing of it. Actually, we even get an earlier start in Jamaica so sunrise and the real heat will come a little later. Unlike Maui, Negril is flat, flat, flat. Unlike most any race I have ever done, the Reggae Marathon provides fluids in plastic pouches so you can carry them with you and sip from them without the spillage that comes with the usual paper cups. That should make hydration much more a continuous process. In Maui, it turned out to be a lot hotter and more humid than normal for that time of year. The locals were even complaining!!! Although in the latter part of the Maui Marathon ,there was an aid station every mile, by the time I had covered the mile, water or electrolyte was more than needed. Being able to carry those fluids will be a real treat and keep hydration on a steady plane.
OK, so much for the technical stuff. Why in the world would anybody, especially an old guy from the “Great White North”, go do something like this? Well, for one thing – because I want to.
Marathons are fun and actually doing the marathon as a destination event is more fun. My last marathon was not fun. That was my fault. So, I want one to remember that is fun. The last one was run with the intention of proving something. This one will only be to prove I can go 26.2 miles (that sounds easier somehow than 42.2km) and be smiling when I am done. With all the reggae music and a tight course through a well-populated area with lots of screaming fans (– OK, mildly interested tourists) to cheer us on, it just has to be fun. At least one fan will be my wife, Judi, and another should be my new friend who I have never met, Chris Morales, (aka ThatRunninGuy) who is responsible for this whole mess!

ThatRunninGuy Reggae Marathon Finish

OK, I am responsible. I snooped around the web site for years and this year was snooping even more than usual when Chris “discovered” me and this blog and invited me to be a regular guest blogger on the Reggae Marathon site. With that, how could I not register. Chris will be able to cheer because he is running the 10K this year. His story is that he has already done the full and half marathon distances and needs the 10K finisher medal to complete the set. Fair enough – I’ll buy it. Anyway, he should be finished before the sun rises and I do expect him to take at least a minute or two away from the post-race coconut water and Red Stripes (in sequence, not together – at least as far as I know) to encourage my slow and steady effort.
Early on in this blog you will find a piece on distance running, where distance refers to how far you are from home. I have run in a lot of countries but so far I have raced in relatively few – just three – Canada, Belgium and the United States. Mind you, I have raced in a lot of places in Canada and the US, and Hawaii felt like it could be another country, but last time I checked it was still an American State. So, Jamaica is going to be Number 4 Country for racing. No longer particularly focused on PB’s and fast times (that was always a relative term), running/racing in new places is part of my personal fun in running.
The clock seems to be ticking rather loudly on my training for this event, so better stop writing and lace up the running shoes. “Soon come” has just become a technical term for this would-be Reggae Marathoner!