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Great day for a marathon!  The weather was delightful and so was the course.  Sadly for me, the run wasn’t so good.  I learned a lesson already known by many but shared here for those who have yet to learn this truth.  IF YOUR KNEE HURTS BEFORE YOU START, MAYBE YOU SHOULDN’T START. 

OK, maybe it wasn’t quite that bad.  On the morning of the Eugene Marathon, the nagging injury was feeling pretty good at the beginning and I held my planned pace for something over 10K.  After that……………………..not so much.  Turns out that training runs aren’t quite as punishing to injured bits as races.  Being a bear for punishment and maybe just a wee bit stubborn, I backed off and did what it took to finish.  Let us just leave it at the fact that I did not successfully defend my third place finish (age division) from 2010.

My running buddy and recently reported senior runner, Rod Waterlow, fared considerably better.  Rod came in with a time of 3:50:42 for a second place (M70-74).  He was bested by John Carter who was just 57 seconds ahead.  Neither knew who the other was, so what might have been an interesting foot-race never materialized.  The competitive spirit is always there and as soon as we saw Rod’s personal result print-out at the finish – Eugene does that – it was clear he was probably fairly close to his unknown rival.  Rod had been ahead at one point according to the several split times and placings that are found on the result report.  It was only later when full results were posted that we were able to see how close it had been and that there could have been a bit of head to head racing.  Oh well, next time.

Once again, Eugene put on a fine event weekend with a 5K on Saturday as well as the Full and Half Marathons on Sunday.  As an aside, I am pleased to be able to say that the winner of the 5K, in a time of 14:46, was Jeremiah (Jerry) Ziak of Vancouver, BC and a friend who coaches running clinics at Forerunners, the sport store where I personally attend running clinics, sometimes lead pace groups.  There were quite a few members of our clinics at Eugene, despite the fact that our home-town marathon (Vancouver) was holding its 40th running on the same day.  As a matter of fact, there were well over 150 runners from Greater Vancouver among the approximately 8000 that participated at Eugene 2011.  Despite my unfortunate experience this time, it still remains one of my favorite marathons.